Sunday, December 2, 2012

I've arrived in Colombia

I've arrived safely in Colombia and started enjoying the beauty of this culture.
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May Update - Welcome to Colombia

View from a train...

I spent the last few days before my trip to Colombia at my brother and sister-in-law's in Connecticut.  I took the train and this was my first real view of New York City.  I know, it's crazy that in all of my travels I've never been there, but it's true.  It was a beautiful, scenic ride in a comfy seat with power and wifi, so I definitely like traveling by America's oldest form of public transportation.  The only problem is that the train has apparently not gotten the memo that people in this day and age expect to be on time.  It was a great visit though and I am very impressed by all of my little bro's exploits in the world of biochemsitry.
Sorry this is short, but I am currently writing it in a mall, haha.  Formatting these things is also quite challenging, but I figured it would be best to send an update out sooner rather than later.  If you've got specific questions for me, feel free to email me, facebook me, or comment on my tumblr blog at

Colombia and Jesus David

The guy in the picture on the left with me is Jesus David, he is a good friend of mine and has been part of many of my previous Colombian adventures.
He and I go way back and spending some time with him was one of the reasons I came here.  It has been a couple of days now and I am catching up on my spanish (for the most part) and have been seeing the capital city of Bogota while I wait to go to Pereira (where I will be spending most of my time) on Wednesday.  I will never cease to be amazed at the hospitality of the people here, and I have been very blessed to get to know the family that has been hosting me in my short stay here in Bogota.
I am looking forward to catching up with some local youth pastors and YWAMers when I arrive in Pereira, and am sure they will find something exciting to give me a chance to serve them while I am there.  I don't know if God has called me to Colombia long term, but I certainly do love this place.

Warm Welcome

I mentioned the hospitality of this culture above, but it deserves a little more explanation.  Every time I have been to a Latin American country, they blow me away not just by opening their homes to myself and the teams that I have had with me in the past, but how excited they are to offer their space, their time, and (no matter how much you try to not be a burden) their food and resources.  It truly is like being welcomed into the home of some extended family member, even though you've never met.  I pray God blesses everyone who has and will allow me into their homes with such joy and generosity.  Getting to know people is truly the best part of a cross-cultural experience.

There's no place like home

I was able to spend some time at home in April and it was very nice to be able to catch up with my family, spend time with my little brothers, and bother my parents' enormous cat, yes that's him in the picture.  I also helped start our garden and gave my brother Zachary some driving time as he is logging hours towards getting his driver's license. Yikes!  Family is such an amazing blessing, and I am so fortunate to be so loved and appreciated by my mom, dad, siblings, and all of my siblings.  It was good to see them, there truly is no place like home.  
PS- Happy Mother's day to all of you mothers. Mom!  I love you, thanks for everything.
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