Sunday, December 2, 2012

June Update

Alive and well in Colombia.  Just a couple of weeks left.

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Time Flies
It´s hard to believe over a month has already gone by when I arrived here on the 4th of May, I didn´t really know exactly how things would go in my time here, but I was totally unprepared for how it would go.
I have been staying with a pastor´s family here while I have been in Pereira, and they have treated me like family.  I´ve also been able to visit some good friends in nearby town called Buga.  Everywhere I go, it is apparent just how deeply my previous teams have impacted people all over this country.  I have had so many invitations to stay with people and visit with people just because they want to express how thankful they are for us taking the time to come here before.  I´ve really enjoyed getting to be a part of family life here and to see more how this culture works and what is most important to these hard-working, intelligent people.
As one of the biggest reasons I came here was to spend time seeking God about next steps to take, I wanted to mention how that is going.  As community development projects are what I would like to be involved with, I was looking for a school to give me some hands on training in several different areas, and I found one!  I have been accepted to do an EARS school at YWAM Salem starting in September.  This school focuses on the practical side of helping communities use their resources sustainably, and the directors of the school have been working in development projects similar to what I would like to get involved with, so I think it´s a good connection.  I hope to be able to apply what I learn in the school alongside YWAM Ships, a new push within YWAM to connect ship-equipped ministries to be able to reach remote communities with aid, development, and hope in Jesus.
The plan right now is to find some temporary work for July and August as well as to work on raising money for the school which starts September 18th.  Right now I need about $4000 for the rest of the lecture phase and the outreach phase that comes after that.  If you would like to help me get there, you can send money towards my school to:
YWAM Salem Accounting
7085 Battlecreek Rd. SE
Salem, OR 97317

Thanks everyone for reading!  I hope to see you soon.

YWAM Newcastle Sports DTS

Sports DTS

I got to meet a team from YWAM Newcastle, Australia and accompany them to help with translation as they went to parks and schools to play soccer with the locals.  After they got done scoring goals and winning games, they sat down with everyone to share why they were there and what God had done in their lives.  It was awesome to see how well people responded in conversations after the games.  In being here several times, I have experienced rather cold receptions to people sharing the gospel with a microphone, so it was refreshing to see what a difference it makes to sit down and have a conversation where the people you are sharing with can ask questions and share from their own lives.  They would often split up guys and girls to share separately, and in this way they saw about 2000 people respond to Jesus in their 10 weeks in Venezuela then here in Pereira.  Michael, Ruth, Tyler, Elizabeth, Carson, Mary, Justin, Mona:  If you see this, you all were such a blessing to meet, and I´m really thankful to have been along with you for part of your DTS adventure

Soluciones Juveniles

God is doing a lot in the youth of Colombia On June 8th, a conference started for youth from all over Colombia.  I was able to go thanks to someone at one of the churches I work with here anonymously contributing the money for me to go.  I was so blessed to even be able to go in the first place, but God did some amazing things during that time in my life as well as all of the kids lives that were there.   About 3000 kids from all over Colombia as well as some groups from various other latin countries came to be encouraged and challenged to run with God without distractions.   The conference was called Soluciones Juveniles and is connected with Christ For The Nations.  Among the speakers were Cindy Jacobs, Marco Barrientos, and Adam McCain.  There was a lot of time spent in worship, which was incredible to witness.  En Espiritu y En Verdad were there, and Jesus Culture were there as there first time ever in Latin America.  It was really beautiful to see the unity and the passion of this young generation of Colombians, and I can´t wait to see what God does through them.
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