Sunday, December 2, 2012

July Update

Short Update for July.  Visit for more content, updates, and quirkiness.
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Back in the States

After a flight and a train ride, I got back to Lancaster, PA on the 3rd.

I had a wonderful time in Colombia getting to catch up with good friends whom I have been privileged to meet along the way. I hope I get to go again sometime soon.

Now my attention shifts to getting to this school in September.  I have been in touch with the couple who developed the school, and we are all very excited about the doors doing this school will open up for being able to work in missions in exactly the way I hope to.  It is very encouraging to be meeting people that have a very similar mindset on how they want to fulfill the physical and social needs of people as well as bringing life to them spiritually.  In the next update, I'm going to try to list some of the specifics of what I will be learning.

The school begins September 17th.  Please be praying for me in this season of preparation!  I am looking for short-term work as well as trying to raise funds.  Thanks so much!!


I asked a lot of my parents while I was gone. I've been raising a garden in my backyard for the past couple of years in Colorado, and didn't want to miss out on it this year.  Since it would be a lot to ask to take care of my little hobby while I was gone, I made a few Sub-Irrigated Planters to contain the plants, and started some seedlings in them before I left.  It was an experiment, but now that I am back I am looking forward to trying to get some good garden goodies out of the deal.  I really hope that somewhere along the line of my journey I get to manage a big garden and some fruit trees.  I love taking care of growing things, and even moreso doing it along with people.  This is one of the things I am excited about for my school, that part of the time we will be working in the garden together learning as hands-on as it gets.

I hope you all have a great summer.  As always, any questions or encouragements are welcome, let me know how you are doing.  
God Bless


Sometimes (or really all the time) it is good to be mindful of what we are thankful for.  I have had many years of needing to be very careful of funds, but this has been one of the most challenging ones yet.  I'm sure many of you have been stretched in this area as well, but I love the little ways God works things out.  I knew it was close, but I bought a train ticket to Philadelphia leaving 35 minutes after my international flight arrived in Newark.  I was praying that either the plane would be early or the train late, but neither happened and I missed my train.  I bought that ticket because the later one was twice as much.  When I got to the counter to exchange my ticket, I was resigned to having to put the more expensive one on my credit card.  To my great pleasure, I found that it was only a dollar to do so, and more than that to get the second train to Lancaster to save my parents' a 3 hour round trip.  While it was not what I expected, I felt very blessed and reminded how God really does work all things for the good of those who love him.
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