Sunday, December 2, 2012

August Update

It's Really Happening!!  I head to Oregon next month to start training.
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My youngest brother Zachary and I. Family time is so good.
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Is the place to drop by and see whatever interesting thoughts, experiences, or pieces of my life I might be sharing.  I don't include a lot of my zany, quirky, day to day experience things in my updates.  Let's face it, noone wants to read an update email that takes an hour to read!  So if you are interested in a less broad perspective of what life is like for me, especially as I have all of these new experiences coming up, head there to hopefully be inspired and maybe smile.

Summer has flown by!  And I have some changes to announce!

What would the life of a missionary be without change?  It always keeps things interesting.  Soon after I sent out my previous update, I learned that there were too few students interested in doing the EARS program at YWAM Salem in September to be able to run the full school and that they would be moving the main 12 week lecture phase to April.  Before I had time to feel disappointed or wonder what to do however, the school director let me know he had a plan. He wanted me to come out in September to spend 6 months working directly with them to build the chicken coop and green house and models necessary to run a good school, and learn along the way some of the strategies necessary to be successful at applying and teaching people to do missions in the way I am hoping to.  Buidling community is essential for people to experience the love of God not only as they decide to make a commitment to Jesus and start going to church, but in their everyday lives.  The trouble is, it is one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching processes one can take on.  It is very important to be prepared, championed, and supported by people with the knowledge, wisdom, and experience to be able to see success.  I am very grateful for this couple who have served in YWAM for 18 years all over the world to take me under their wing and help train me to go out.

YWAM Ships

I have mentioned another piece of the ministry puzzle before, but I wanted to give a brief update as plans have crystalized somewhat.  I will be going to YWAM Salem as a staff representative of YWAM Ships and will be working with them full time in California once I finish the program in Salem after outreach next year (approximately July).  One of our main goals will be to pioneer the EARS school with them so that they can be equipping teams of missionaries going all over the world in remote areas to be able to minister to people in practical as well as spiritual means.  This means that after I finish my schooling I will be heading to Orange County, California to begin working with them there.  My goal is to raise $1500 a month to be able to live there, as well as be able to travel and teach what I will be learning over the next year.  Right now I sit at about $400 a month, which will suffice while I am in Salem, but I wanted to give everybody some notice as I will be trying to ramp up my support to a sufficient level to be able to stay in ministry over the long haul.  I love the vision that is beginning to grow in my heart, as well as being able to branch out into the specific ministry area God has called me to.  I am extremely grateful for my years in Denver learning and growing and serving to be able to prepare me to take on more responsibility as I begin to influence others to be able to better share to gospel with the unreached.  Please pray for me as I walk through this process.  If you have specific questions for me, please feel free to write!  Maybe I can do a Q&A email in a couple of weeks.  Even if you don't have questions, I would love to hear from you and see how you are doing or what you think of what I'm doing.
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